Jamaican Monday Mon!!


Today is our first day of work, and it couldn’t be more beautiful outside! We split up into a few different groups for work today, mixing up with the team from California that joined us last night! We worked on lots of different projects all over JDV and even at a local children’s home. The group at Windsor Children’s Home helped lay the foundation for a new basketball court, and the groups here started on a few project to help make room for more teams to be able to come to JDV!

We wrapped up the work day early and headed for the infirmary in Mandeville, which is a cross between a hospital and a nursing home. It’s a hard place, but it’s a place that that helps push us outside our comfort zone and let God work through us. Our students enjoyed talking with some of the residence, praying with them and singing!

After hanging out there for a little while, we loaded back up and headed back to JDV to get dinner and hang out with all our friends here!

Tomorrow we head to Kingston to visit Deaf Can! Coffee and enjoy lots of good coffee and learn about the ministry they have there!

See you tomorrow!