Kingston Travel Day

Today the team had the chance to travel to Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, to visit Deaf!Can, a coffee shop on the campus of one of the CCCD schools. It’s a bit of a drive, but always worth it.


Deaf!Can was started by deaf students from the school as a way to learn a trade and give other students purpose. Our students were able to try the fantastic coffee and learn some of the background from the founders.


After we finished up at Deaf!Can we traveled around the corner to Devon House for some world famous ice cream. Harry Belafonte even went there!


Once we arrived back at JDV we were able to spend the rest of the evening fellowshipping and playing games. Tomorrow will be a full day of work and we are ready to serve!

Jamaican Monday Mon!!


Today is our first day of work, and it couldn’t be more beautiful outside! We split up into a few different groups for work today, mixing up with the team from California that joined us last night! We worked on lots of different projects all over JDV and even at a local children’s home. The group at Windsor Children’s Home helped lay the foundation for a new basketball court, and the groups here started on a few project to help make room for more teams to be able to come to JDV!

We wrapped up the work day early and headed for the infirmary in Mandeville, which is a cross between a hospital and a nursing home. It’s a hard place, but it’s a place that that helps push us outside our comfort zone and let God work through us. Our students enjoyed talking with some of the residence, praying with them and singing!

After hanging out there for a little while, we loaded back up and headed back to JDV to get dinner and hang out with all our friends here!

Tomorrow we head to Kingston to visit Deaf Can! Coffee and enjoy lots of good coffee and learn about the ministry they have there!

See you tomorrow!

​Jamaica Travel Day and Easter Sunday!

Sorry for our tardiness in posting this update, or cell service is a bit spotty and we have had some full days, thanks for understanding! 


Travel day started at 5:00am in Greensboro, where we made our way to our overfilled flight to find that we luckily all had seats. A few of us even got upgraded to First Class!! A quick trip to Charlotte and we headed for our next gate! After a layover of a couple hours, we loaded up a big A321 and headed for Jamaica, after a couple of delays... but we made in into the country and had the easiest customs and immigration process we’ve ever had coming into Jamaica! It wasn’t long before we loaded our bus and headed for Pork Pit!


Pork Pit offered us some much needed sustenance and soon, we headed for the hills on our 3 hour drive up the mountain! Daylight left us and we competed the drive on the dimly lit back roads of Jamaica, encountering a few holiday celebrations on the way. We finally arrived to JDV around 8pm, the end to a hectic travel day that started 16 hours beforehand.

We settled in and got a good nights rest for our packed day in the morning.

Day 1: Easter Sunday!


HE HAS RISEN! What a joy to celebrate this holiday in a new place with new friends and beautiful scenery! Waking up to the sights and sounds of Jamaica is always one of my favorite memories from the trip, and this morning did not disappoint. We usually wake up and get some breakfast and head to the church here on campus, but this morning we loaded up in a few busses with our friends here at JDV and made our way to St Elizabeth to a deaf crusade that JDV was helping with! There is no better way to celebrate this morning than worshiping with 200 deaf Jamaicans from all over the island! It was an amazing morning, followed up by food and a tour of a local coffee farm that helped inspire some students at CCCD to start up Deaf Can coffee, which we will get to visit on Tuesday!


We headed back to JDV to relax a little, get to see some new puppies here, and finally meet up with our team from California who were delayed a full day getting to Jamaica!

Tomorrow we start work and will visit the infirmary, but tonight is all relationship building and fun!

See you tomorrow!

Jamaica 2019


Our Fuse Jamaica trip is headed out on April 20th, and we will be using this blog to share stories, pictures, and memories with everyone. We will try and post something here each day, so check back once our trip is underway and see what adventures we have in store!