Day Four

Today was our first real day of work! We split up all over the JDV campus to do various tasks! Some of us were painting in some of the apartments here as well as the railings outside of the apartments. We also helped organize a new supply closet and help to dig out holes for a new fence for a new cow pasture! Some of us also got to help “rough set” new concrete walls in a new house on campus here!


After lunch we got cleaned up and headed out into Mandeville to go to the infirmary and a children’s home. The infirmary is a hard place, but our students stepped up and were able to connect with some of the residents and pray with the people there, some of whom are confined to their beds. After this, we got to go to Windsor Children’s Home, which is a place for kids anywhere from birth to 18 to go when they have nowhere else to go. We got to run around and play with the kids and just love on them!


Then we headed back to JDV to have dinner and hang out with our friends here!