Fuse Jamaica 2018


Our Fuse Jamaica trip is headed out on March 31st, and we will be using this blog to share stories, pictures, and memories with everyone. We will try and post something here each day, so check back once our trip is underway and see what adventures we have in store!

Day One:


Today was all about travel! After leaving Greensboro bright and early (actually, it was dark outside until we got on the plane!) we got to Charlotte and hustled to our next gate to make our connection to MoBay. We all got onto the plane and it was wheels up to Jamaica. Our flight was smooth and we landed in MoBay right on time. After customs and baggage claim, we headed into the Jamaican sun! 

We stopped at an authentic Jamaican place on the way to JDV to get lunch. We had jerk chicken and pork and some amazing “festival” which is like cornbread deep fried!

Then started the trek up the mountain! Windy roads and close encounters with oncoming traffic (not really, our bus driver is a true pro!) we made it to JDV!  

When we got here, a local wedding and a church retreat were taking place, which was awesome seeing this place being used for its purpose! We got to have dinner out in the balcony overlooking the sunset and quickly connected with the deaf who are here at JDV! It was awesome to reconnect with old friends and make new friends! 

Sunday is Easter and we are excited to relax and get to continue to meet and get to know our new friends here at JDV!