Day Five

Today was our first full day of work (not just a half day like yesterday!) and it was hard work! We kept going on projects we worked on yesterday as well as a couple of new projects like painting the water tank here at JDV.


In the afternoon, we cut out of work a little early to go to MegaMart, the Jamaican equivalent to Walmart. We got some snacks for the rest of our week as well as some goodies to bring home!


Wednesday night is community night at JDV and we got to hang out with the deaf and see them present a few songs for us to thank us for coming here! It was awesome to connect with old friends and make new friends as well!


It’s hard to believe we are already in day 5! The time has flown by! This team has connected so well and I don’t even want to think about not being together all the time.


Tomorrow is all work, so be praying for strength and energy as we are all tired, but we want to give it our all!

Day Four

Today was our first real day of work! We split up all over the JDV campus to do various tasks! Some of us were painting in some of the apartments here as well as the railings outside of the apartments. We also helped organize a new supply closet and help to dig out holes for a new fence for a new cow pasture! Some of us also got to help “rough set” new concrete walls in a new house on campus here!


After lunch we got cleaned up and headed out into Mandeville to go to the infirmary and a children’s home. The infirmary is a hard place, but our students stepped up and were able to connect with some of the residents and pray with the people there, some of whom are confined to their beds. After this, we got to go to Windsor Children’s Home, which is a place for kids anywhere from birth to 18 to go when they have nowhere else to go. We got to run around and play with the kids and just love on them!


Then we headed back to JDV to have dinner and hang out with our friends here!

Day Three

Today the team went to Deaf Can Coffee in Kingston! Deaf Can is a coffee shop that employs all deaf employees. They opened up their shop, on the CCCD school campus, for us to try their coffee and they put on a presentation for us about the history and progress that Deaf Can Coffee has made in the past years. They have expanded and send workers all throughout Jamaica to work in coffee shops and develop their skills.In the last year, Deaf Can has opened 5 new shops and its amazing to see this enterprise growing!

For lunch we had Jamaican patties and after we left CCCD we traveled to a well known Jamaican ice cream shop called Devon House I Scream! We had a great time being in community with the deaf for dinner at JDV later in the day, playing games and even having a dance party! 

we are having a blast here! Can’t beat sunny and 80 everyday!

Day Two

Happy Easter!! Today was our first full day at JDV and what a beautiful day it was!! We got to have a slow morning and sleep in a little (although the sun peaked into the guys room bright and early and woke us all up well before breakfast!) We then got breakfast and headed to Church!


It is so cool to get to worship with the deaf and see how they can praise God in their language! We learned from Pastor Sheldon about the testimony of Jesus suffering and his victory over death! We got to connect with those at the deaf church and meet some old friends! We then had some delicious chicken (although any good April Fools Day isn’t good without a joke, so we convinced the students they were trying pigeon for the first time) and it started raining. Of course, we had to go play in the rain and got in a game of rain volleyball!


Sunday night is one of two community nights we get to have with the deaf community here, and we got to put on an Easter egg hunt for the kids here at the village! It was such a fun time connecting with them and we even got to have dinner and ice cream together after!


We ended the night talking and joking with the deaf, the other team we are here with, and each other before ending the night with our devotion, where we talked about how we are never more like Jesus then when we are serving.


All in all it was a perfect day here in Jamaica! We head to Deaf Can coffee in the morning and we are so excited to get to enjoy amazing coffee and learn more about the opportunities that CCCD is helping to create in the community here in Jamaica!

Fuse Jamaica 2018


Our Fuse Jamaica trip is headed out on March 31st, and we will be using this blog to share stories, pictures, and memories with everyone. We will try and post something here each day, so check back once our trip is underway and see what adventures we have in store!

Day One:


Today was all about travel! After leaving Greensboro bright and early (actually, it was dark outside until we got on the plane!) we got to Charlotte and hustled to our next gate to make our connection to MoBay. We all got onto the plane and it was wheels up to Jamaica. Our flight was smooth and we landed in MoBay right on time. After customs and baggage claim, we headed into the Jamaican sun! 

We stopped at an authentic Jamaican place on the way to JDV to get lunch. We had jerk chicken and pork and some amazing “festival” which is like cornbread deep fried!

Then started the trek up the mountain! Windy roads and close encounters with oncoming traffic (not really, our bus driver is a true pro!) we made it to JDV!  

When we got here, a local wedding and a church retreat were taking place, which was awesome seeing this place being used for its purpose! We got to have dinner out in the balcony overlooking the sunset and quickly connected with the deaf who are here at JDV! It was awesome to reconnect with old friends and make new friends! 

Sunday is Easter and we are excited to relax and get to continue to meet and get to know our new friends here at JDV!